Kin Shin Kai is a martial art in the ‘Goju Ryu karate’ tradition of ‘The Karate Kid’

We are headed by director and chief instructor, George Ciechanowicz  and his highly experienced Leadership Team

We particularly focus on Self Defense and Self Development

Technically, Kin Shin Kai is based on the traditional ‘Goju Kensha Karate’ of the late renowned master Ohtsuka Tadahiko

We also draw from a diverse range of traditional and modern sources, particularly the ‘Koryu Uchinadi’ system of Patrick McCarthy and the ‘Silat Suffian Bela Diri’ of Maul Mornie

We deliver these varied influences in one unified system

Our system also adapts for differing age, sizes and abilities

The hallmarks of our commitment to superior teaching include:

Expert & caring tuition for children, teenagers and adults

Martial arts firmly focused on holistic Self defense and Self improvement

Low maximum class sizes

Experienced Black Belt instructors

These help produce our renowned:

Personal & effective learning experience

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George Ciechanowicz
Director & Chief Instructor

Admin &

Hombu dojo:

7 Sinclair Ave
Lower Templestowe
Melbourne, Australia
Ivanhoe dojo: 19 Seddon st Ivanhoe 3079
0403 073 463