Testimonials continued...

At a recent celebration of his 40th year of martial arts involvement and elevation to the senior black belt rank of 7th dan, his students surprised Academy director George Ciechanowicz with a video tribute presentation. Following are some further excerpts:

‘…thanks for all your advice both karate and non – karate related.’ Rosy


Thank you for being such a great mentor to me over the years…here’s to 40 more.’ Brent


I have known you for at least half my life and have appreciated every moment in and out of class I have spent with you. To put it simply: Thanks a lot.’ Adrian


Thanks for a wonderful 16 years…I can’t begin to imagine what it will all look like when I reach 40 years…maybe a bit more hair than you :) ’ Alex


‘We learn so much from you…thanks for everything’ Sophie


‘Thank you for your hardwork and dedication. You are a great inspiration to me and others.’ George


Thank you for teaching me for the last ten years and hopefully for many years to come’ Jess


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with you. I hope there are many more great years.’ Tony


Thank you for all the support and passion over the years. Here’s to many more.’ Christine