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Training with us


Kin Shin Kai Karate classes for children, teenagers and adults are offered in Ivanhoe & Lower Templestowe Melbourne, Australia by:


Beginners are always welcome:)


New classes at Ivanhoe Uniting Church

Monday evenings:
Adults (16 +)
Young Samurai (11-15)
Little Ninjas (7-11)

Take the first step on your Karate journey and enrol now into these new classes


Contact us for enrolment & training information including a free tryout class

Also ask about any special offers - (currently a free uniform with each new membership)



Also consider:
Online / Distance Learning and
"Soto Deshi" training

For further information contact Sensei George with brief resume

Highlight any previous martial arts experience and also future goals and interests


Please note: "Soto Deshi" is similar to the more commonly used "Uchi Deshi" which literally means "live in student". The Kin Shin Kai Soto Deshi program whilst not actually "live in" is nonetheless intensive and demands a high level of sustained commitment and self motivated learning from successful candidates.


Our Ethos

Lastly: Kin Shin Kai and it's teaching arm, the Excellence Karate Academy, differ from many Martial Arts organisations in that we are not first and foremost commercial operations. Rather we subscribe to a particular set of traditional values and behaviours as follows (click the following link). We invite all prospective students to check out this statement of culture & principles.

Kin Shin Kai ethos



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