Acknowledgements & Thanks back...

Firstly, my greatest thanks is to my mother Anna Ciechanowicz (1925 - 2003)

"Thank you for so much, including giving me the example af always being true to your self and what you believed. Rest in Peace."


In martial arts my greatest appreciation and gratitude is owed to Master Ohtsuka Tadahiko (1940 -2012)

"Your teaching still infuses what I do and your example continually inspires me"


Many thanks also to Patrick McCarthy Sensei who at that first Goju kata seminar in 1998 helped me put together the final piece of the puzzle which I had been looking for since the mid 80's.

"Also for continuing to aid my technical development and my understanding of the historical & cultural contexts in which karate developed"


Other acknowledgements and appreciation in approximate chronological order:

To Shintaro and the Iga ninja just for looking so cool to a 60's teenager & inspiring a martial art career

Eddie Emin for making my first ever karate class so memorable in 1972

Con & Tony Athanassiou for being bold enough to bring Goju Kensha to Australia in late 1973

Latrobe University for providing the vehicle for so much of my martial arts development - Karate, Aikido & Judo

Keith Walls for a year of Ju Jutsu training in 1975

John Tzinis for passing on to me the Tai Chi he had just learned from Ohtsuka Sensei in 1980

The Goju Kensha Honbu doju in Tokyo for teaching me so much about Karate, Tai Chi, Ba Gua and Japan during my visits there

Master Yang Ming Shi for introducing the 60's Japanese young masters to Tai Chi and for being that extremely rare example of a truly humble martial arts master personifying the best of Japanese and Chinese culture

Master Il Wan Ho for sharing his skills and knowledge of the zen sword art of Iaido

Jim Sumarac for illustrating the value of humour in teaching martial arts

Chen Xiao Wang for progressing my knowledge of Chen Tai Chi

Jo Thambu for his graceful presentation on restraint and removal based on Aikido

Peng Yi for teaching me Ba Gua principles and forms

Vince Morris for some very practical tips on making bunkai more efficient and effective

Wong Fu Lai for giving me an insight into how Wang Shu Chin's internal kung fu has helped form Ohtsuka Sensei's approach to Goju Kensha

Evan Panzato for his presentation of Kyusho and particularly Kuatsu techniques

Zhu Tian Cai for again progressing my knowledge of Chen Tai Chi and for his great example as a teacher

Maul Mornie for his wonderful skill in performing and teaching his family Silat Suffian Bela Diri tradition, so mechanically efficient and so complementary to Goju Ryu karate

Roslyn Wong for the original production of this website

To all my students, past and present, for your support and enthusiasm

Lastly to my partner Grainne, its just been great and very special sharing my life with you since 1991

George Ciechanowicz