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The Kin Shin Kai curriculum encourages the following three achievements

External Self Defence "Keeping ourselves safe"

Internal health & wellbeing "Keeping ourselves healthy"

Non contact sparring "confronting controlled challenges with our skills"

The Kin Shin Kai syllabus can be divided into the following six general areas

1) Principles, Theory, Terminology, Etiquette & History

2) Solo technique, skills & drills

3) Partnered technique, skills & drills

4) Impact technique & drills

5) Mental, behavioural, interpersonal & character awareness skills

6) Instructing/Healing skills

The core elements of Kin Shin Kai training are from Master Tadahiko Ohtsuka's Goju Kensha curriculum including Chinese internal martial arts and from the late Master Higa Yuchoku's Shorin Ryu Karate his power generation methods

Also included are elements of Sensei Patrick McCarthy's Koryu Uchinadi. These include particularly his Renzoku Geiko or 2 person flow drills, kata applications, and Yamaneryu Bojutsu / weaponry.

Regarding the practise of 'Kata' / forms / patterns

Traditional Kata are patterns of movement properly executed with Self Defense intention. Some modern instructors discount the value of the traditional kata for self defense and regard it as merely an athletic dance. This is very incorrect and based on systemic deficient instruction.

This is because the original & very effective Okinawan 'Old School' Karate methods were diluted in order to commercialise Karate for mainland Japan. The methods were reshaped to make it easier & safe to teach children and the main focus shifted from self defense to fitness, discipline and especially nationalism & obedience to the masters.

Over the last few decades a number of insightful instructors have sought out the remaining pioneer instructors with expertise in Old School karate and revived the Old School philosophy & practises.

When properly understood Kata thus acts as a repository or reference for self defense applications, it culminates the self defense applications which have been learned and it acts as a solo re-enacment of them. It is a practise which when properly understood offers constant stimulation and limitless creative possibilities for variation.

Kata importantly also provides a vehicle for practising fundamental skills in a wholistic exercise.

Following are the core kata of Kin Shin Kai

Gekisai, Tensho, Sanchin, Saifa, Seinchin, Sanseiru, Sepai, Hakusho, Seisan, Shisochin, Naif'hanchi Shodan, Happoren, Kururunfa, Superinpai, Hakutsuru, 24 Yang Tai Chi

Following are some of the extra kata of Kin Shin Kai for high level students

Aragaki Sochin & Unsu, Aragaki Seisan, Nepai, Higa Seisan, Naif'hanchi 2 & 3, Pinan's 1-5, Chen tai chi, Ba Gua Zhang