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George Ciechanowicz is the founder, director and chief instructor of Kin Shin Kai. George commenced his martial arts training in 1972 and currently holds a NANADAN (7th Dan) Black Belt degree. At this level instructors in his tradition are recognised as being 'Shihan' or masters of their art.

In 1997 he formed the Kin Shin Kai as a vehicle to fulfil the 1981 wish of his most important teacher and influence, Master Ohtsuka Tadahiko, to Australianise karate in Australia - just as Japan had Japanesed it and Okinawa Okinawanised the original art it borrowed from China.

Shihan George has experience in and/or knowledge of a number of karate traditions and other Japanese martial arts including aikido, ju jutsu, iaido and bojutsu. He also has a continuing interest in Chinese martial arts as well as the research and teaching of master instructor Patrick McCarthy and the bruneian silat of guru Maul Mornie. The interest in Chinese martial arts includes the internal arts of Bagua Zhang and Tai Chi, as well as Chin Na 'seize and restrain' techniques and also the southern Chinese styles from which a large part of karate developed. Shihan George also continually looks for ideas / methods from any source to enhance his teaching.

His other major qualifications include a BA in music and philosophy, a Dip Ed (he is a qualified teacher) and Diplomas in Acupuncture and Massage. He also has training in Sports medicine and Sports coaching. Formerly also the long-term instructor at the La Trobe University Karate club, George has been teaching martial arts for nearly 40 years.

His vision is to pass on the wonderful traditions of the past with far greater understanding than has been common in modern Karatedo and in a way that will provide greater practicality and make more sense to today's student. For some reasons why this might be necessary please refer to the section on History, Origins and Evolution.