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Which style of karate is Kin Shin Kai?
What do the names mean?
Why is the serious study of Karate generally called "Karate Do"?

What do the names mean?

GOJU RYU means "Hard Soft Stream/Tradition" and was probably chosen by Master Chojun Miyagi to remind us that good karate uses a mixture of "hard" and soft" technique. It was drawn from a quotation in the Bubishi (Karate "bible").

GOJU KENSHA means "House of the hard soft fist" and was chosen by Master Ohtsuka Tadahiko to reflect his school's commitment to Goju Ryu karate.

SAISHINKAN is the name of Ohtsuka sensei's dojo (training hall) in Tokyo and means "grind your spirit to dust". This reminds students to train hard just to improve themselves, and not to think or boast about whether they are better than anybody or everybody else.

Ohtsuka Sensei also explained to me that the Kanji characters for "self defence" he uses mean internal as well as external self defence. That is, we should work to look after our general health and internal well being as well as learning to defend ourselves from external threats.

KIN SHIN KAI means "Balanced spirit group" and was chosen by Sensei George Ciechanowicz to remind students of the balance of hard and soft in Goju Ryu as well as saying that balance is important in the way we think and live. It reminds us to strive to stay balanced or "keep our cool" if we find ourselves in dangerous or tricky situations as well as in Dojo training.