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Why is the serious study of Karate generally called "Karate Do"?

Why is the serious study of Karate generally called "Karate Do"?

"Do" means "The way of"

"The way of" means that Karate is a way of life.

Our study and training should not just be to improve our Karate, but also our whole life. We should strive to become better people and to develop a strong character.

"The way of" means that we must learn not just how to deal with trouble, but also how to prevent it or else walk away from it. We should only defend ourselves physically if we can't walk or talk our way out of trouble .

The "way of Karate" also says that if we are able to hurt people, we should also be able to heal them. So good "Karate Do" Instructors are often trained in Oriental or other healing systems and/or sport medicine.

The opposite of "Do" - "the way of", is "jutsu" - "the techniques of". "Jutsu" practise ignores any morals, ethics, or character development and concentrates purely on the acquisition and development of effective technique.

"Do" style practise on the other hand stresses the character buikding aims but often at the expense of the best, most effective technique development.

Kin Shin Kai aims to combine the best of both traditions.

George Ciechanowicz
Kin Shin Kai Shihan