About: Maul Mornie back...

Moul Mornie is a direct family successor to the Bruneian silat system "Silat Sufian Bela Diri". This system is incredibly efficient and effective and although this sheer brutal effectiveness makes it something which needs to be taught with caution and certainly not to anyone without a clear moral compass or anyonewithout the understanding of what a proportionate response is in self defence as most of the responses in Silat are on the strong to extreme end of the scale.

This is because of the culture it evolved in where many struggles were life or death and simple, brutally effective self defence was what was needed. In our Australian Society we need students to be able to respond with a far more nuanced, proportionate response. However for the more experienced and responsible student his methods offer what could be analogised as a sharpening of tools for self defence at the more desperate and dangerous end of the spectrum.

Part of the great thing about them is that his methods are generally simple and relying on simple repeated principles which means they are more likely to be able to be used by a defender when under great stress or pressure and and overload of adrenaline might possibly stymie more complex responses.

Another great benefit of learning from Guru Moul Mornie is that he is Tertiary educated and articulate and really well able to pass on the skills and methods of his family art. Also though still relatively young he is already quite a master of his art as he has had the benefit of learning it from his grandfather and uncle from an early age. Thus he is afit and dynamic instructor well able to demonstrate all the physical skills he teachers.

In terms of how he benefits Kin Shin Kai we find that what he teaches compliments and sharpens what we already do whilst generally fitting in extremely well with the principles we already use. Also we have drawn a large amount of knowledge and practice from the knife defence principles and skills contained in his family martial art system. We find that his advice to get away as soon as safely possible dovetails 100% with our philosophy. Again those who have the illusion that they can generally handle the situation and in the case of a knife attack disarm and control the attacker are far more likely to get hurt and cut in the process (which is not to say it cannot ever be done).

Maul's skills can be seen online on his you tube channel