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Patrick McCarthy is an exceptionally well-travelled and experienced martial artist whose research into the anthropology, history and evolution of the Chinese, Okinawan and Japanese martial arts is possibly unparalleled in the contemporary western world. His sharp intellect and quick, observant mind ensure that he has made the most of virtually a lifetime of varied high quality martial arts activity.

His almost 10 years living in Japan spent training, researching and travelling throughout the region saw him meet, interview and learn from an incredibly diverse range of masters. Unlike most other westerners, he was able to speak to them in their own language and over time gain their trust. This allowed him to do a second to none comparative analysis of styles, methods and the accuracy of historical "facts". He was a pioneer in translating the Bubishi (referred to as the "bible" of karate) into English and has published a number of book detailing the results of this and other research. It is no coincidence that he was a friend and colleague of the late, great Goju Kensha master Ohtsuka Tadahiko as they shared many research interests and experiences as well as great intellectual qualities.

This diverse background allows him to speak and teach with an authority that most western "masters" lack and thus they often resent him for it. Their knowledge is usually based on sporadic interaction with their own Asian head of style (who will naturally be biased towards their own art) and on reading books written by others. It is sadly not unknown for some to translate and largely copy and rewrite others books as their own research work.

McCarthy sensei on the other hand has information from a vast number of important primary and secondary sources. He continues his research which he shares partly via the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society. He continues to publish books and produces DVD's which focus on his own interpretation of old school Karate teachings named "Koryu Uchinadi". He also conducts numerous seminars locally and internationally including annual tours of Europe and America. He designed and coordinated Australia's first tertiary accredited karate instructor's course in Brisbane Australia.

McCarthy sensei stresses that much of the perceived difference between styles is just stylistic expression and that many techniques are actually the same across styles. This enables him to teach any group and give them new insight into their tradition. He has been instrumental in rounding off the development of Kin Shin Kai and for this we gratefully thank him.