Kin Shin Kai is from ‘old school’ Goju Ryu karate tradition (similar to original ‘Karate Kid’ movie). ‘Old school’ refers to a much more practical type of Karate

Kin Shin Kai is headed by George Ciechanowicz, a master level 7th Dan karate instructor who has been fortunate to learn from some of the world’s finest

He is assisted by a team of highly experienced senior instructors 

Teaching philosophy wise, we focus on the development of every individual student 

We have been teaching in Ivanhoe area since 1989 and in that time have taught ~1000 students and graduated ~100 Black Belts

We particularly focus on practical Self Defense and Self Development

We adapt our teaching for age, size, ability & personality

We believe in keeping our groups small & personal

Technically we are based on, but not limited to, the ‘Goju Kensha’ system of the late legendary master Ohtsuka Tadahiko.

This includes elements  of other complementary martial arts including Tai Chi and Kung Fu.

We also draw particularly from the groundbreaking ‘KU’ system of Hanshi Patrick McCarthy and the very efficient Silat of Guru Maul Mornie

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  • Class sizes are small & personal
  • Family friendly fees – Juniors $135 per 10 wk term, Teens/adults $170
  • Experienced Black Belt instructors
  • Highly organised & well rounded curriculum
  • Highly structured lesson planning & delivery
  • A Commitment to continuous improvement


‘I could not have asked for a better teacher/mentor. I’m lucky to be your student/friend. Looking forward to many more wonderful years’ Nick

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