Not all karate is the same & it’s never too late…
Kin Shin Kai offers a superior traditional martial arts and self defense program delivered in an inclusive & non-threatening manner. Accepting students from 5 and up, our most senior student commenced at 63 and received his Black Belt at 69!

The benefits of training with us…

For children

Small class sizes where the development of each student as an individual is important

Master level teachers rather than more junior instructors

Simple and practical self defense skills including anti-bullying tools

Our students are learning skills for life, not just for karate

For teens and adults

Again, small class sizes where the development of each student is important regardless of aptitude, fitness or age

Far beyond simple blocking kicking & punching, our members are progressively introduced to the fine attention to detail that separates ‘magical’ Old School Karate – “Koryu”, from average everyday karate

This involves not only re-learning how to use your body in a much more effective and also healthy way, but also learning rarely taught principles which underpin effective Old School Karate

In short, for those that really like to deeply understand and master what they are doing, we will provide you with a challenging but continually rewarding experience

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You won’t be disappointed

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