We welcome 5-6 year olds to join our Tiny Fists classes and 7-11 year olds to join our Little Ninja classes.

Just some of the benefits of joining these classes are improved confidence, focus, discipline, resilience and sense of achievement.

Along with the basics of Karate and simple self defense our students also learn other useful physical skills e.g. how to protect yourself from injury as you fall

Tiny Fists

Our ‘Tiny Fists’ classes for 5-6 year olds are of 1/2 hour duration to reflect the shorter concentration span of this age group.

The small class maximum size creates a much more personal & enjoyable learning environment for the students.

You can book a free Tiny Fists tryout class right here & now

Little Ninjas

For children aged around 7-11 we initiated our trailblazing ‘Little Ninja’ program in Ivanhoe almost 30 years ago and have been refining it ever since.

These classes are of 1 hour duration to reflect this groups ability to take on a more comprehensive range of skills. The class sizes are still small & personal.

Our well structured junior curriculum not only covers traditional Goju Ryu Karate (based on the excellent Goju Kensha methods), but also effective self defense skills.

As regards self defense, preventing or defusing trouble is always our preferred option as that is far more likely to result in a better outcome.

Notwithstanding that, for the situations where physical conflict is unavoidable we teach practical & relatively simple self defense skills as such skills are far more likely to work in real life situations.

You can book a free Little Ninja tryout class right here & now