Enrol your 5 or 6-year-old child in our developmentally appropriate, small group Ivanhoe ‘Tiny Fists’ class where they can acquire greater focus, discipline, confidence and a sense of growing achievement whilst learning simple verbal and physical self defence skills

Along with the basics of Karate and simple self defense they will also learn useful skills like how to protect themselves from injury as they fall

The class duration is briefer than our Little Ninja program (1/2 hr vs 1hr), the maximum class size is halved (6 vs 12) and for this age we also include a number of fun activities in each class

You can book a free tryout class right here & now

NOTE: We developed our Tiny Fists program and curriculum in 2011 to fill a need we saw for this age group. Originally we enrolled 4 year olds as well. However we began to wonder about the wisdom of this as we noticed greater numbers dropping out than we thought was reasonable

Then in 2019 research came out which confirmed that children who commenced a sport at a very young age were far less likely to stay with it. Thus we moved our minimum age to 5. We know parents these days want to get their children involved at a younger age but we suggest you to listen to the research and ignore those who will, for commercial reasons, encourage you to sign your child up at 4 or even younger

Little Ninjas (7-11)

For children aged around 7-11 we many years ago in Ivanhoe initiated our Little Ninja program’ and have refined it continually since. The basics of Karate are all there, also breakfalls and rolls, non-contact classroom sparring and then some higher level solo and partnered drills from our Goju Karate tradition

Our highly structured curriculum also imparts to our Ivanhoe Little Ninja students clear rules of expected good behaviour both in the dojo and in life. We offer firm guidelines on how to train with fellow students in a way that minimises the chance of injury and maximises the benefit of the training. We really focus on safety and have extremely few injuries of any kind

Self defense wise we have a holistic and, again, a very structured program of behavioural and physical self defense. We predicate our system on the idea that self defense is ‘Keeping Yourself Safe’. Preventing or defusing trouble is always the preferred option.

Nonetheless for cases where physical conflict is unavoidable we teach physical self defense skills which we try and keep as simple and effective as possible. We have a proprietary ‘SEADOS’ action plan which we continually review with the students so that it’s strategies become automatic behaviour.

It is very important that self defense be as simple, effective and automatic as possible. Under stressful situations where the ‘Adrenalin dump / fight or flight’ response kicks in, these are the responses that can still work.

You can book a free tryout class right here & now