Self defense wise we have a holistic and, again, a very structured program of behavioural and physical self defense. We predicate our system on the idea that self defense is ‘Keeping Yourself Safe’. Preventing or defusing trouble is always our preferred option.

Nonetheless for cases where physical conflict is unavoidable the physical self defense skills we teach are as simple and effective as possible (when necessary – brutally effective). We have a proprietary ‘SEADOS’ action plan which we continually review with the students so that it’s strategies become automatic behaviour.

Most significantly we also harvest the strategies and skills from the traditional Goju karate we teach. This includes coaching you to develop great ‘natural’ power generation and also a much enhanced ability to withstand others attacks on you.

We are particularly expert in the ‘secret’ self defense applications and strategies hidden in the kata (forms). Where many teach these as art for art sake or simply ignore them our rare expertise in this field means we take our more mature students on a fascinating journey of discovery of how these ‘secrets’ are and how they can be practically used.

Keeping self defense strategies & physical responses as simple, effective and automatic as possible is important for numerous reasons. One reason is that this kind of approach suits just about anyone irrespective of size, age or gender. You do not have to be a strong elite athlete to benefit from our kind of self defense.

Just as important is that these kinds of simpler & effectively targeted responses can still work under stressful situations where the ‘Adrenalin dump / fight or flight’ response kicks in. Under this kind of stress the body & brain start to shut down in many ways and the ability to think suffers as does the ability to perform fine motor functions. Under such conditions of stress, simple, automatic, gross motor muscle function techniques of the kind we teach are by far your best bet.