‘My daughter loves her lessons here. I have been studying karate for over 30 years and Sensei George and Sempei Ashlee are fabulous. George is the finest Sensei and mentor a student could ever wish for. Life skills and karate skills taught ‘ – Richard Boland, Google review

‘I found the Kin Shin Kai about 13 years ago, after almost a couple of decades of doing other martial arts. What impressed me then, and still impresses me now is not only George’s depth of knowledge and ability, but his care for his students and his ability to educate and teach them – an all-too rare quality in martial arts instruction ‘ – Michael Mules, Google review

‘Very good Karate school for different ages. My two kids have been in the classes for years. They learn how to self-defence, deal with bully and build up confidence. The coaches are very professional. 5-star recommend.👍🏻🙂🙂 …’ – Vicki Han , Google review

‘Kin Shin Kai is a great place for kids to learn karate. The instructors are very patient and take the time to explain why, how and when. My eight year old has been coming here for a year and really enjoys it ‘ – A&T, Google review

‘I would give the Kin Shin Kai dojo a sixth star if I could. Sensei George teaches karate the way it should be taught. The focus on tradition and technique impressed me from the very first day I attended. Learning the art of karate is a journey and Sensei George makes it easy to stay on that journey. No matter your age this dojo is for everybody. You will be made to feel valued respected and a part of a family from your very first lesson. Sensei George is capably supported by other very skilled and talented Sensei’s in Michael and George which are the other two Sensei’s that have taught me ‘  – Anthony Maroun, Google review

‘Fantastic training and sensei George is simply amazing. Great for discipline, defense and self confidence ‘ – Fillipo Giunta, Google review

‘Our 8 year old son has been attending Sensei George’s classes for about a year now. George is fantastic. He is extremely knowledgeable, and also gentle and respectful with the young students. My son loves attending each week. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to spark their interest in karate ‘ – Nick L, Google review

‘I can highly recommend Sensei George. He has been instructing our son for over 10 years and he is more than an instructor in our opinion. He shows great patience and empathy for people of all ages and skill levels, the right mix of encouragement and discipline. The passion and dedication he shows in his craft are evident, I would highly recommend him to anyone who might be looking at enrolling their child for self defense , we did it. Definitely 5 stars ‘ – Carlo Chiara, Google review

‘2019 marks my 17th straight year training under Sensei George (I started at 9 years of age). Over that time I have had fantastic time training in this Dojo. The culture is very respectful, grounded, welcoming and inclusive for all ages and people. The training itself is very practical – with a strong focus on what would actually work in real life. In my experience here everyone aims to not only improve themselves but to help each other. 4/5 members of my immediate family have trained here and 3 of us have been training for at least 10 years. Sensei George is extremely knowledgeable and is always working on ways to continually improve techniques (whilst respecting the origins of traditional Karate and his teachers) and how he trains us – which to me shows an amazing level of dedication to his students and expertise and probably explains why so many of us have trained under Sensei George for many years ‘ – Adrian B, Google review,

‘I have been training in Sensei George’s dojo over the last 20 years. I find it an excellent holistic form of exercise and balance for the mind. As well as the traditional karate training in martial arts I also find the self defence part of his program fantastic. All my children attended the dojo during their school years and trained under Sensei George, as well as physically challenging them it really helped them develop discipline, coordination and respect for themselves and others. The younger program also gave them skills to deal with uncomfortable situations and bullying amongst many other skills. I cannot recommend Sensei George’s dojo strongly ‘ – Helena Chazan, Google review

‘Our eight year old son has been attending Kin Shi Kai Karate under the guidance of Sensei George and we and our son couldn’t be happier. Sensei George is an amazing teacher who has many years of experience. Sensei George teaches the skill of karate in a patient and easy way that young students can learn and have fun at the same time. We appreciate that Sensei George teaches our son not only outstanding Karate but also everyday life lessons. We highly recommend Sensei George to any family wishing to learn Karate in a fun, safe and well run environment ‘ – Chris Vettorello, Google review

‘My daughter was previously enrolled at another local karate school with a very good sensei but was lost in the group and not progressing. After joining Excellence Karate Academy/Kin Shin Kai she thrived on the more personal teaching style ‘  – Michelle

‘We learn so much from you…thanks for everything ’ – Anna-Sophie Maas

‘My family and I have trained at Kin Shin Kai dojo for several years. George’s knowledge, dedication and passion for Gojuryu karate and its teaching, is second to none. The dojo is an inclusive and welcoming place, that caters for students of different ages and abilities, with the benefit of a host of highly experienced instructors. The techniques and skills you learn in the dojo, as well as being effective for self-defence, are also valuable life skills. I couldn’t recommend Kin Shin Kai more highly ’ – Brendan Gladman, Google review

‘George is such a wonderful caring person, who is dedicated in bringing the best out of his class. he is honourable and experienced. highly recommend.5 star for this wonderful small business ’ – Leisa Dabrowiecki, Google review

‘Many thanks for giving me a deep and fascinating insight into what karate is really about and for making me feel so welcome and wanted. Here’s to the next 40 years…  One of my biggest regrets in first calling you and starting training is that I did not do it earlier in life ’  – Mate and family

I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher/mentor. I’m lucky to be your student/friend. Looking forward to many more wonderful years ’  – Nick Bell

‘We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for your kindness towards Samantha, for the time that you have put in over the past few weeks and for the last 8 years. Thank you for believing in her and for the encouragement you always gave her. ‘  – Rob, Nancy & Samantha

‘I have known you for at least half my life and have appreciated every moment in and out of class I have spent with you. To put it simply: Thanks a lot ’  – Adrian

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