‘I would give the Kin Shin Kai dojo a sixth star if I could. Sensei George teaches karate the way it should be taught. The focus on tradition and technique impressed me from the very first day I attended. Learning the art of karate is a journey and Sensei George makes it easy to stay on that journey. No matter your age this dojo is for everybody. You will be made to feel valued respected and a part of a family from your very first lesson. Sensei George is capably supported by other very skilled and talented Sensei’s in Michael and George which are the other two Sensei’s that have taught me ‘  – Anthony from Google review

‘We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for your kindness towards Samantha, for the time that you have put in over the past few weeks and for the last 8 years. Thank you for believing in her and for the encouragement you always gave her. ‘  – Rob, Nancy & Samantha

‘Many thanks for giving me a deep and fascinating insight into what karate is really about and for making me feel so welcome and wanted. Here’s to the next 40 years…  One of my biggest regrets in first calling you and starting training is that I did not do it earlier in life ’  – Mate and family

‘I have known you for at least half my life and have appreciated every moment in and out of class I have spent with you. To put it simply: Thanks a lot ’  – Adrian

I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher/mentor. I’m lucky to be your student/friend. Looking forward to many more wonderful years ’  – Nick

‘My daughter was previously enrolled at another local karate school with a very good sensei but was lost in the group and not progressing. After joining Excellence Karate Academy/Kin Shin Kai she thrived on the more personal teaching style ‘  – Michelle

‘We learn so much from you…thanks for everything ’ – Anna-Sophie