“Many thanks for giving me a deep and fascinating insight into what karate is really about and for making me feel so welcome and wanted…… One of my biggest regrets in first calling you and starting training is that I did not do it earlier in life…..”  – Mate and family

Life is a journey not a destination…
As students progress, our classes offer lots more of an engaging breadth & depth of knowledge and thus lots more of an exciting and satisfying personal development journey:

Advanced Karate concepts & practises
Advanced Self Defense concepts

Incorporating elements of Chinese martial arts:
White Crane Kung Fu
Tai Chi / Chi Kung and other Nei Jia (internal / holistic kung fu practises)

Incorporating elements of Bruneian martial arts:
Silat Sufian Bela Diri

Incorporating Practical weaponry:

Traditional Bojutsu (6ft staff) & short staff
Silat Sufian Bela Diri based knife awareness

Incorporating continually evolving understanding of the human body inc:
It’s strengths & weaknesses for Self Defense
It’s correct use for almost effortless power generation
It’s correct use for more easily & effectively executing grappling releases and captures

IN summary we incorporate training methods, information and encouragement to keep our minds / bodies healthy for life

We teach our classes with knowledge, practicality & depth…

For those who wish to explore past the superficial, we deliver

Beyond simply kicking & punching, you will be progressively introduced to the attention to detail that separates EFFECTIVE Old School Karate – “Koryu”, from most other karate

And it’s never ‘too late’. Our most senior student to date commenced at 63 and received their Black Belt at 69

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Emulating the White Crane

**”Traditional’ refers to continuing a legacy that goes back 1000’s of years. In the case of Kin Shin Kai it also means continually evolving our ‘Goju Ryu’ tradition to keep it practical & relevant for modern times rather than just mindlessly and obediently repeating literally what we were originally taught. The original Goju Ryu master & founder, Chojun Miyagi is on record similarly as continually working to improve & develop what he was teaching