Not all karate is the same

Teaching junior Karate Skills

We teach our classes with knowledge, practicality & depth…

Kin Shin Kai offers a systematic karate & self defense program, appropriately simplified for this junior age

All our ‘Tiny Fists’ students are guided in an inclusive & caring manner 

All our class instructors are highly experienced seniors 

Other benefits for 5-6yo juniors training with us…

Family friendly fees – $14p/p for a 10 wk term, free suit upon joining

Small class sizes where the development of each and every student can be a priority

Practical, simple self defense skills including anti-bullying and verbal self defense tools

Improvements in your child’s confidence, posture & movement

In short, our young students are learning skills for life, not just for karate

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Certificates of achievement with new belt tags to come!

Note: We choose to put what is best for our students ahead of what would be commercially advantageous for us. Thus we do not accept students younger than 5yo.
Our lengthy experience and also recent external research informs us that children who start too young are far less likely to stick at chosen sports which is not good for them.
We have settled on a nominal 5yo minimum age based on years of experience and suggest parents be patient with their children’s entry into what they hope might be long term sporting activities.

We do suggest gymnastics and proper swimming as good foundation activities for young children that can set them up with a strong core and musculature (as well as many other benefits in the case of gymnastics).