Not all karate is the same

We teach our classes with knowledge, skill, practicality & depth…

Kin Shin Kai offers a highly developed traditional Goju Ryu karate / self defense program  simplified for junior ages

All our beginner students are guided in an inclusive & welcoming manner by experienced, caring instructors

All class instructors are senior rather than juniors or ‘helpers’ who despite best intentions are ‘learning on the job’

Other benefits for 7-12 yo juniors training with us…

Family friendly fees – $135p/p for a 10 wk term, free suit upon joining

Relatively small class sizes where the development of each and every student can be a priority

Practical, simple self defense skills including anti-bullying and verbal self defense tools

Improvement in your child’s confidence, posture & movement

In short, our young students are learning skills for life, not just for karate

Additionally, we have a large and welcoming Black Belt group for our young beginners to eventually graduate into

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