Everything in the traditional dojo begins and ends with respect and appreciation, particularly for our mentors So here we will first remember & salute the late, great master, Ohtsuka Tadahiko….

O-sensei, Ohtsuka Tadahiko (1940-2012)

Master Ohtsuka Tadahiko was the founder of the Goju Kensha (House of the hard – soft fist). 

Kin Shin Kai is squarely based on Ohtsuka sensei’s Goju Kensha and he remains our most important inspiration.


Ohtsuka sensei leading Seisan kata practise at the Portsea gashukku 1994. On his left is sensei George Ciechanowicz now director of the Kin Shin Kai


Learning a new skill: Ready…






Now for fun, but also further skill development


It’s interesting, it’s skilful and it’s fun!!


Experienced instructor keeping a keen eye on the group


Students showing their awards & medals


Serious fun with traditional weapons


Emulating the White Crane – Kakufa / Hakucho / Hakusho kata


“Seiza!” – A black Belt group sitting in Zazen meditation…


Kyoshi George Ciechanowicz of Kin Shin Kai practising Chen tai chi push hands with Arhat Zhu Tian Cai of the Chen village


Experiencing the incredible effectiveness & efficiency of Silat Sufian Bela Diri from guru Maul Mornie


Post seminar with the incredibly learned & globally influential hanshi Patrick McCarthy