Not all karate is the same

We teach our classes with knowledge, practicality & depth…

Kin Shin Kai offers a highly developed traditional** Goju Ryu karate & self defense program plus more

Expert, experienced instructors guide our students in an inclusive & welcoming manner 

For those who wish to explore way past the superficial, we deliver

Also, it’s never – ‘too late’. Our most senior student to date commenced at 63 and received their Black Belt at 69

Other benefits of training with us…

Small & personal class sizes where your development is important regardless of aptitude, fitness or age

Reasonable, family friendly, fees

Use your body in a much more efficient, ergonomic & confident way

Beyond simply kicking & punching, you will be progressively introduced to the fine attention to detail that separates ‘magical’ Old School Karate – “Koryu”, from average everyday karate

In short, we will provide you with a continually rewarding experience that will benefit all your life

*** We invite and prefer parents to train with their younger/teen daughters & sons

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Family type Teen & Adult Karate success
It’s a family affair!

**”Traditional’ refers to continuing a legacy that goes back 1000’s of years. In the case of Kin Shin Kai it also means continually evolving our ‘Goju Ryu’ tradition to keep it practical & relevant for modern times rather than just mindlessly and obediently repeating literally what we were originally taught. The original Goju Ryu master & founder, Chojun Miyagi is on record similarly as continually working to improve & develop what he was teaching